VSCO Film Pack 06 Review // Before & After

So I got VSCO Film Pack 06 last night, there was money off so I thought I might as well get it now because no matter how good/bad people say it is I know I’m going to get it eventually just so that I know for myself! I have all the packs and only use pack 01, mainly Portra 400 & 800, the other packs just don’t really do it for me, I still haven’t found a B&W that I love, I’m using a Replichrome I ICON preset for that at the minute as I find it to be the best for the look I’m going for, however with 06 I think some of the B&W’s look great so I’m excited. I’m loving the push & pull section, it’s maybe because they are tweaks of my favourite film sets in pack 01. To be honest I don’t think I’ll use the crossed processed ones as for me they are bit too extreme, I prefer the more subtle changes that just give an image that extra pop.

Anyway enough talking, here are some images that are from the stuff I’ve been shooting over the last few months (they were still on my little hard drive so much easier to access). All the pics just have one click of the preset and no tweaks so you can see exactly what it is doing, I exported them all to sharpen for screen. The straight out of camera RAW file will be followed by the VSCO processed one, if you hover over the image the preset used should show up.

VSCO film pack 06 review before & afterVSCO film pack 06 review before & after VSCO film pack 06 review before & afterVSCO film pack 06 review before & afterVSCO film pack 06 review before & afterVSCO film pack 06 review before & afterVSCO film pack 06 review before & afterVSCO film pack 06 review before & afterSOOC - VSCO film pack 06 review-1-10PROVIA 400X+1- (VSCO film pack 06 review-1-9)SOOC - VSCO film pack 06 reviewHP5+1 VSCO film pack 06 review-1-5VSCO film 06 review wedding flowersVSCO film pack 06 review-1-40SOOC - VSCO film pack 06 review-1-8PORTRA 800+ VIBRANT - VSCO film pack 06 review-1-7SOOC VSCO film pack 06 review-1-11TRI-X+3++  VSCO film pack 06 review-1-12VSCO film pack 06 review-1-27VSCO film pack 06 review-1-28VSCO film pack 06 review-1-32VSCO film pack 06 review-1-31VSCO film pack 06 review-1-29VSCO film pack 06 review-1-30SOOC (VSCO film pack 06 review)400H+1 VIBRANT (VSCO film pack 06 review-1-14)SOOC - VSCO film pack 06 review-1-17PROVIA 400X+1 ++ (VSCO film pack 06 review-1-16)VSCO film pack 06 review-1-20VSCO film pack 06 review-1-19VSCO film pack 06 review-1-42VSCO film pack 06 review-1-41VSCO film pack 06 review-1-21VSCO Film Pack 06 Review // Before & AfterVSCO film pack 06 review-1-25PROVIA 400X+1 VIBRANT VSCO film pack 06 review-1-26

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  1. I also have all VSCO film packs (except 06) and I also use only 01. I totally agree with you about b&w presets. I am going to get 06 now. Hope new presets will work

  2. I’ve been looking for a better b&w preset and I love the vsco app but I didn’t know which film pack to buy… this is so helpful. Thank you.