Northern Irish Elopements

Mike & Jackie’s Irish elopement was on another level. They got one of the best sunsets I have ever witnessed on the Causeway Coast! This is one of the big reasons when I’m planning an elopement timeline with a couple we plan to do things around when the light is best. That means having the ceremony as close to sunrise or sunset as possible. The better the light, the better the photos of your elopement will be.

If you’re considering an Irish elopement there are so many incredible locations to choose from. You could go for the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland like this elopement or you could head to a host of other great spot. If you’d like to see what I think are the top locations for elopements in Ireland click HERE to see the blog post I made about it.

Irish Elopements

Northern Irish elopements

I love helping couples have incredible elopement days, it really is the best way to get married. If you’re planning to elope I’ve made several helpful blogs that should be super informative to assist you as you plan. There are 3 links at the bottom of this page so stick around and have a read. If you have any questions at all please get in touch, I’m here to help.

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